Lesley Curnow

lesleyLesley Curnow is a novelist and short story writer, who lives and works in Kohukohu.

Born in Hong Kong, her family emigrated to New Zealand when she was eight. She was brought up in Whangarei.

In 2001 she moved to the Hokianga to study writing with Janine Mcveigh and fell in love with the harbour and its people.

In 2010 she launched her novel "Things We Can't Untie" A story of the Hokianga, at the Geddes Gallery.

She and her husband, Peter, live in the village and apart from trips to visit family across the world plan to grow old here!

To contact Lesley send her an email or visit her website.

thingswecantuntieThings We Can't Untie

What do you do when your world collapses−when the people you love fail you?

Catherine Jennings arrives in a remote New Zealand village hoping to start a new life. But she drags the past with her, plunging Chris, and his wife Anna, into a nightmare of old secrets and sudden death.

Both women must unravel their turbulent past before they can turn and face the future.

Things We Can’t Untie is a haunting, mysterious book that is difficult to put down.

The Novel has been well reviewed by readers on Amazon.com, gaining a four and a half star rating from thirty-three reviews.

downinginlightseasDrowning in Light Seas

It is New Year's Eve and Leah's Life is falling apart. Her husband, Max, is having multiple affairs and expects her to look the other way. When she confronts him, he leaves her.

Alone and grief stricken, she stumbles into an online fantasy world where people seem fascinating and sympathetic. Her increasing addiction to this world sends her life spiralling out of control.

Then the threats begin …

Why is her apartment trashed?
Who is her cyber stalker?

And is the online world any safer than the reality she is running from?

Drowning in Light Seas is a fast-paced, tense novel, which explores the many dimensions of online relationships - openness, trust, friendship, sexuality, power - and how they can affect your life.

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kindleLesley's books are available online from Amazon.  The Kindle version of Things We Can't Untie can be downloaded from the Amazon website  for a modest 80 cents (US) and Drowning in Light Seas can also be downloaded from the Amazon website for about the same price.  If you don't have a Kindle ebook reader, there is a free app for just about devices which can be downloaded here.

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