Claire Deighton

claireClaire lives beside the tranquil Hokianga harbour.

Her love of the natural environment and Body Weather Laboratory movement theatre inspire her making.

Body Weather Laboratory was created in Japan by Min Tanaka.

"The body is seen as thermokinetic landscape, a microcosm existing within the macrocosm of external weather patterns. The body is merged with and becomes part of the weather."

“In my sculpture and painting, as in my theatre practise, I allow myself to be influenced by chaos and later I impose meaning. I believe this reflects the nature of all life on earth - a series of random events, which humans sort into stories.”

“In my work I acknowledge the constant progression of time. The materials I use represent this. Recycled kauri boards reference New Zealand European history. Clay and sand, the earth itself. Charcoal, transformation through fire. Bitumen and acrylic paint, modern materials.”