Kohukohu Today

kohukohusignOver the decades, a number of Kohukohu's commercial buildings have been lost to fire, but fortunately many historic and attractive buildings remain on the hillsides overlooking the harbour.

Being an hours drive from many major tourist attractions such as the Bay of Islands, 90 Mile Beach and Tane Mahuta, Kohukohu is a perfect base from which to explore the whole of the far north.

In days gone by, 'the river was the road', and today the Hokianga Harbour ferry still brings many of our visitors on the last stages of their journey to Kohukohu.

DSCF0184If you regard people as the Hokianga's greatest resource the areas fortunes are on the rise. In recent years, Kohukohu's population has increased and people have bought and restored homes.

Kohukohu has a flourishing school which has been recently extended and a variety of active volunteer groups, clubs and societies. The arts flourish here with many artists, writers and poets living both in the town and in the hills around.

Increasingly, the peace, tranquility and beauty of the Hokianga area is being recognised as a place for people to come to escape from the hectic pace of life in both New Zealand's and indeed, the world's cities.

Recent migrants to Kohukohu have come from the USA, and a number of European countries.

Although the pace of life is slower, there is a cultural richness which is an evident joy to all those who spend more than even a few days here.

Come and visit and experience it for yourself - you will find a warm welcome here.